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      DPLC (Domestic Private Leased Circuit) is a dedicated private circuit using a point-to-point digital leased line. It is a domestic service between multiple customers’ premises anywhere in Cambodia, forming the backbone of a domestic private network.


      • Small and medium-sized companies
      • Large corporations
      • Hotels and banks
      • Government offices, Embassiesn and NGOs

      Ensure that your business always has a fast, reliable and efficient internet connection with Metfone Leased Line Access. Please contact:

      Fixed Broadband Center - Metfone Pte., Ltd

      Building #199, Mao Tse Tong Blvd, Toul Svay Prey 2, Chamka Morn

      Phnom Penh City, The Kingdom of Cambodia

      Tel:  +855 715556999      Email: bienhm@viettel.com.vn

      Website: http://metfone.com.kh