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      Limited Plan

      Experience high speed mobile internet access on the go with Metfone’s network! We offer cheaper internet access for your mobile phone! Check out the package that suits you the most. 


      Internet Plan






      Data Volumn


      To register


      To give the plan to other subscriber


      Night MIDN 10 cents $ 999 Dial *133*110# N/A
      Daily MID 10 cents 100MB Dial *133*1*1# Dial *133*phone number*1*1#
      Weekly MIW 1 USD 1GB Dial *133*71# N/A
      Monthly MI1 1 USD 700MB Dial *133*1# Dial *133*phone number*1*2#
      MI2 2 USD 1.5GB Dial *133*2# Dial *133*phone number*1*3#
      MI3 3 USD 4GB Dial *133*1*3# Dial *133*phone number*1*4#
      MI5 5 USD 7GB Dial *133*5# Dial *133*phone number*1*5#
      MI10 10 USD 15GB Dial *133*10# Dial *133*phone number*1*6#
      MI20 20 USD 30GB Dial *133*20# Dial *133*phone number*1*7#


      • Dial *133*Receive number*data volume# to sharing data to other subscriber number
      • Dial  *133*097# to check the data balance
      • Dial  *133*00# to choose cancel data plan


      Terms and conditions

      • If you have used up all your data volume before your expiration period, then other usage above data allowance will be charge at standard fee 2.5cents/MB and will apply until the expiration date of the plan.
      • The plan will renew automatically at expiration times and unused data will be not preserved and will be cleared upon successful reactivation.
      • 1 cent service fee will be charged to your basic account for any sharing transactions to other subscriber number. You can share maximum 100MB/ times.