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      Social Plan

      Stay connect with friends and family via social media platforms without data limits. ONLY 1 USD/month. Check out the package that suits you the most.

      Social Network Plan Name Fee Register
      Facebook & Line Daily SCAD 5 cents/day Dial *133*6#
      Monthly SCAM 1 USD/month Dial *133*8#

      To cancel service:
      ? - Daily dial: *133*05#
       - Monthly dial: *133*06#

      Terms and Conditions:

      • This service is only available for active prepaid subscribers.
      • The fee will be charged from your basic balance.
      • Video and voice call features are not included in these package. If subscribers choose to use these features, charges are deducted from the subscriber’s available data balance or basic balance.
      • Can watch video on Facebook, but videos originating from external sites (e.g. Youtube), will have charges deducted from the subscriber’s available data balance or basic balance.