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      Yak plan is ideal for our customers who are high internet users. With this plan customers can get 3X the opportunity to grab these bonuses ! Your first and second top ups reward you with an added total of 600% of your top up value. Your third top up amount rewards you with a bonus of an added total of 1000% of your top up value! .

      To subscribe YAK plan, dial *115*3#


      Tup-up Bonus 1st & 2nd Top-up 3rd Top-up
      Within network calls 200%  400%
      Within network SMS 100% 200%
      Internet 300% 400%
      Total 600% 1000%




      Within network call

      5 cents/min 


      7 cents/min 


      Across network call

      8 cents/min 


      9 cents/min 


      Within network SMS 2.5 cents/SMS
      Across network SMS 5 cents/SMS




      Get 30X more with Exchange money promotion! Your 1 USD can be exchanged for 30 USD to call, SMS and surf the internet on your phone.


      Main Balance Exchange for Activation Validity
      Own Account Other’s Account
      20 cents 3 USD *167*20#

      *167*phone number*100#

      1 Day
      50 cents 9 USD *167*50#

      *167*phone number*100#

      2 Days
      1 USD 30 USD *167*100#

      *167*phone number*100#

      7 Days
      2 USD 60  USD *167*200#

      *167*phone number*200#

      14 Days



      • Exchange 1 USD = 30 USD = 600 Minutes (10 hours) = 1200MB
      • Exchange 2 USD = 60 USD = 1200 Minutes (20 hours) = 2400MB



      • The exchange amount can be used for within network calls, within network SMS and Internet.
      • *1cent service fee will be charged to your account for any exchange transactions to any other account.?


       Terms and Conditions

      • For subscribers active over 30 days since activation, if subscribers not yet change any plan, FREE of charge and change the 2nd time will be charged 30cents/time. For basic account is reserved and all Promotion accounts are cleared.