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      Introducing Metfone eSim, the first newest technology that allow subscribers are easier in using smart phone without changing sim card, and no worry about loss or damage SIM card.

      The specification of eSIM

      • eSIM is a SIM-CARD that is embedded in the device (phone/swatchs...). The SIM stores all information that is necessary to identify and authenticate the mobile subscriber of telcos. An eSIM will come in the form of an integrated SIM chip that cannot and need not be removed from a device.
      • An eSIM will come in the form of an integrated SIM chip that cannot and need not be removed from a device.
      • The information on the eSIM will be rewritable by all operators. The identification information can be updated over the air, to enable a change of operator.

      The benefit of eSIM

      • Easy to use SIMs and change mobile operators
      • Change mobile operators without an inserting or replacing SIM card
      • No worry about lost/damage SIM card

      The benefit of active New eSIM

      • When active eSim got bonus $0.50 in account ($0.10 basic 2002, $0.40 promotion 2505).
      • The basic account is valid for 14 days if the customer does not top up, the system will block the call.
      • Free unlimited Facebook & Line plan with valid 30 days.
      • Free unlimited YouTube plan with valid 7 days.
      • Got bonus $ 300 on in-net calls, sms on-net and access internet with valid 7 days.
      • Each Top up from $ 1 - $ 4.99 will get 25 minutes per day and Top Up from $5.00 will receive 80 minutes per day.

      Find eSIM at nearest showrooms or call 1777.