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      Lucky Fone Service 6160

      Lucky Fone is a service which provides Daily Result of Vietnam Lottery and Lucky Number that frequently appeared to their mobile phone.


      Service Fee:

      • Daily Result Day & Nighttime: 10 Cents/day
      • Weekly Result Day & Nighttime: 30 Cents/7days
      • Golden Number Day: 10 Cents/day
      • Golden Number Night: 10 Cents/day


      How to Register Service:

      By SMS:

      • Daily Result Day & Nighttime: Send ON1 to 6160
      • Weekly Result Day & Nighttime: Send ON7 to 6160
      • Golden Number Day: Send ON2 to 6160
      • Golden Number Night: Send ON3 to 6160

      By WAP:


      How to Cancel Service:

      By SMS:  Send OFF to 6160 for all packages

      By WAP:


      Schedule Time: 4:30 P: & 6:30PM


      Term & Conditions

      • This service is availble for all actives Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers 
      • The charges will be deducted from basic balance only
      • This service is auto renewed.