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      Imuzik 3G

      Imuzik3G Service

      Imuzik3G is a service to provide music via website http://music.com.kh that?  allows users to listen to, download songs or set up RT, RBT. Users can get directly access up.http://music.com.kh.


      Service Fee

      • Daily Package fee: 5cents/day
      • Weekly Package fee: 30cents/week
      • Monthly Package fee: $1/month
      • Download Song: 5cents
      • Download Video: 10cents


      How to register service

      By SMS:

      • Daily Package: ON send to 130
      • Weekly Package: ON1 send to 130
      • Monthly Package: ON2 send 130

      By WAP: 


      How to cancel service

      Using guide: Send HELP or H to 130


      Term and Condition

      • Applicable for prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Metfone who are active
      • Users must subscribe to one of Data packages of Metfone.
      • Users’ mobile devices support 3G and RTSP streaming, real player.