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      Imuzik (6868)

      Music 6868

      Music 6868 is the service which customer can listen to much hot music and download as Call Ring Back Tune.

      Promotion: FREE calling fee of the day to 6868

      Service Fee: 

      • Daily fee: 3cents/day
      • Calling fee: Free calling fee

      How to use

      • Register by IVR:  Please Call to 6868 and Press 1 to register the service
      • Register by SMS: Send ON send to 6868
      • To cancel service: Send OFF to 6868
      • Using guide: send H or Help to 6868

      Term & Conditions:

      • This service is availble for all actives Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers 
      • The charges will be deduced from basic balance only
      • This service is auto renewed.