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      Town Entertainment is a service which subscribers can call to listen and send many songs from Town Entertainment, and they also can download songs to be their Imuzik as well by just dial 1766.


      Service fee

      Service fee?: 3 Cents/day


      How to Using Service

      1. To Register Service
      • By SMS: ON send to 1766
      • Call to 1766 & Press 1
      1. To Cancel Service
      • By SMS: OFF send to 1766
      • Call to 1766 & Press 0
      1. To Use Service: Call to 1766
      • Press 1: to listen to Newest Songs
      • Press 2: to listen to Top 10 Song
      • Press 3: to listen to Hot Songs
      • Press 4: to listen to My Song Album
      • Press 9: to listen to Service Information