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      I-Share is the service that allows Metfone prepaid subscribers to transfer their balance to each other. 


      Service Fee:   $0.15/time


      How to use:

      How to get PINSend PIN to 113

      How to change PIN codeSend CHANGE [Old PIN] [New PIN] to 113


      How to transfer the balance: 

      Dail: *113*PIN*Phone Number*Amount#

      Ex: To transfer $1 to number 0318379955 (PIN = 789) dial *113*789*0318379955*100#


      Amount Transfer:

      • Minimum: $0.2 per Transaction 
      • Maximum: $10 per Transaction


      Terms and conditions

      • Transferring subscriber (Sender) must be in validity period (Active 2 ways) at time transfer money and was active from 90 days or over from activating day.
      • Transferred subscriber (Receiver) can be active 1 ways or 2 ways
      • One subscriber can send and receive I-Share many time (Unlimited)
      • Transferring subscriber (Sender) and Transferred subscriber (Receiver) will not be applying for any promotion programs of Metfone.

      Using time for Transferring subscriber and Receiver subscribers:

      • Transferring subscriber (Sender) does not deduct the validate of using day when they transfer their balance to other subscribers.
      • Transferred subscriber (Receiver) will be added the validate of using day like ANYPAY policy